Monday, January 23, 2012

A new purse and some "Creatures"


Using an excellent tutorial found here I made this bag. The only thing I really did differently was that I didn't do the zipper pocket but added instead a pocket for my calendar that I carry around to keep track of all of my appointments. If you just cut out two pockets the size she listed the second one will fit a travel calendar. Just don't secure it in the middle like the other pocket.

 Then after some conversations with friends I had inspiration. Well it was more than inspiration it was a NEED to make some very special creature quilts. These will end up as a wall-hanging trio.

First meet Sasquach!

 And his good friend Nessie of Loch Ness!
 Last but not least we can't forget the wonderful creature Champ from Lake Champlain
Sorry that the creatures are sideways but I forgot to flip them before uploading and I couldn't figure out how to do it after.

Happy Sewing!

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