Monday, January 23, 2012

Sensory Box for H!

So I was looking in blog land for ideas for a friend who has a toddler and wanted to do something fun with them and decided that I needed to make H a sensory box to play with. I took pictures of the process so that you can make one too. If you want you can start by coloring your rice using this method.  We live in an apartment so space is LIMITED! I just used a plastic shoe box and things we already had around the house to make this one but you can make it to fit any size or theme you want.

First collect an empty plastic tub, any size will do but I used a shoe box because like I said space is LIMITED!
 Add something fun texturally like fabric scraps from your latest quilting project. Don't have fabric scraps? Ribbon will work well too if you have that. Even the paper ribbon from gift wrappings works. 
 Add some animals and trees (or anything small that will peak your child's interest.)
 Next I added clothespins. I don't have child size tweezers so H is going to use the clothespins to pick up some of the items in the box. Great fine motor practice. Plus he's been asking to be able to play with them for ages and now he can.
 Then I added rice. If you want to use colored rice make sure you color it a day or two before assembling your box so that it has time to dry. I used about 2 pounds of brown rice (because that is what I had in the house) for my shoebox sized sensory activity.

 Mix all the items up in the rice so that things are buried throughout the rice.
 Then it is fun time! Enjoy playing!

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